My name is Luke Hollenback.
I am a leader.

I believe that technology serves to empower humanity.

As such, it is my absolute passion and honor to be both a leader and a learner in the endeavor of creating ambitious software that alters the trajectory of reality forever.

I have alway been interested in things bigger than myself. Ever since my childhood, I have constantly pursued involvement in efforts that help people experience the surreal feeling of unity while living life to the fullest with one another.

Luckily, I grew up in an era where, before my very eyes, technology evolved into facilitating the completely connected reality that we all live in today. There was a constant stream of people building technology that was changing the world. I was hooked — I needed to be a part of the global effort to innovate in ways that were literally propelling the world towards greater unity, love, and justice. The era I grew up in destroyed social silos and forced the world to acknowledge and attempt to holistically understand itself — an endeavor that we are all still in the middle of today.

While in elementary school — driven by what was evolving in the world around me — I began tinkering with both web and game development. I learned how to figure out what I needed to know when I needed to know it — often bringing home numerous books from the local library. I practiced collaborating with friends on projects much bigger than just one person. I dreamed of the things I would build. I experimented with numerous languages, frameworks, graphics, networking, and infrastructure. I embraced my fascinations, and I learned a ton because of it.

After high school, I went on to Seattle Pacific University to get my Computer Science (BS) degree. While there, on top of the regular curriculum that formalized my foundation as an engineer, I worked closely with professors to study emerging technologies like machine learning. Throughout my studies, I earned income by consulting for various organizations on projects related to modern banking systems, internet radio networks, secure blogging platforms, and more.

Eventually, I graduated and was given the opportunity to work in the aerospace industry on avionics hardware and software. I had never before been responsible for overcoming the challenges of making software and hardware work together — I learned a ton. It was in this role that I gained a huge respect and appreciation for international standards that bodies of diverse individuals write together in order to facilitate the creation of technology that interoperates to unify the world. These standards are the reason why practically everything in the modern world is able to interoperate today.

Eventually, my wife and I moved back home from Washington to Colorado. I was given another golden opportunity to work for a startup building the next generation of enterprise resource management software. I still work at this company today. I am constantly learning how to better collaborate with other smart people to build incredibly resilient, ridiculously performant systems that are changing my industry and the world as a whole every day.

Personal Projects


A mystery adventure game about Halloween with roguelike elements built using Godot Engine.

What starts out as a regular Halloween evening for Oliver quickly turns into a confusing, disturbing mystery that must be solved. Explore the town of Auburn in search of answers. Will you be able to figure out what is going on?

Inspired by underground classics of the past - like Twisterghost's LOLOMGWTFBBQ series - Cryptic is a short, eerie roguelite where you must help out friends, explore interesting areas, and ultimately figure out what happened. If you are up for the challenge, start playing now.


A retro-inspired, Zelda-like MMORPG. The client is built with Gamemaker, and the server is written in Go.


An effective genetic/evolutionary algorithm written in Go.


A raw socket packet sniffer and injector for BSD-based systems (such as macOS) written in C.

Godot Firebase
General Contributor

A Google Firebase SDK written in GDScript for projects created using Godot Engine. Originally created and currently maintained by Kyle Szklenski.


A cryptocurrency capital gains calculator driven by CSV ledger files written in Go.


A quantitative finance cryptocurrency trader with a pluggable algorithm framework, an extendable exchange integration framework, and a backtesting framework written in Go.

Be Happy Bot

A highly extendable IRC bot written in Python.


A swipe-to-match friend-making app for meeting up for outdoor sports. Leverages Go, MongoDB, Nginx, HTML5, Cordova, and Framework7.

These projects and more are available on my Github account. In most cases, I try to host them in a source-available fashion whenever possible. Feel free to take a look!

Professional Projects

Real-time Cube Engine

A real-time, transactional data cubing engine that retrofits to existing data sets in order to provide advanced insights to decision makers. Developed at Nextworld to help drive the continous success of businesses.

Enterprise Calendaring

An advanced, RFC-5545 compliant toolset designed at Nextworld to help application developers focus less on thinking about time zones and more about building incredible solutions for their stakeholders.

Constraint Planner

A no-code, metadata-driven builder and engine developed at Nextworld to allow for efficient solutions to be created for difficult, nondeterministic polynomial time-type problems (such as scheduling and optimization).


An embedded avionics software and hardware computing platform with advanced security and connectivity developed with a team of very smart software and hardware engineers at Astronics Ballard Technology.

GRO Network

A network of custom-built blog websites and internet radio stations geared towards users in numerous countries with a diverse set of native languages.

These projects and more are described in detail on my LinkedIn page. Please check them out!

About This Website

This is a dead-simple one-page website designed to give you insight into who I am and what I do. It is intended to be fast and informative.

Technology-wise, this website is hosted on Github Pages. It is built using vanilla HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and only leverages a small handful of external libraries like Font Awesome and Skeleton (all of which are hosted and delivered via CDNs for speed).